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Autogyro or gyroplane - aircraft, which belongs to the class of ultralight aircraft. It has a freely rotating rotor due to the flow of air that passes through it. The rotating rotor creates a lift that keeps the gyroplane in the air. Designed for safe movement in the air at a height of from 1m to 6000.

Giroplane has a variety of applications:

- Agriculture;

- patrol of objects and territories;

- rendering ambulance;

- hunting and fishing:

- taxi service;

- other entertainment;

Артикул X4
Производитель: ЧП "АВТОЖИР"

250000 EUR./шт

Артикул E2
Производитель: ЧП "АВТОЖИР"

80000 EUR./шт

Артикул E3
Производитель: ЧП "АВТОЖИР"

100000 EUR./шт

Артикул S3

45000 EUR./шт

Артикул S2
Производитель: ЧП "АВТОЖИР"

45000 EUR./шт