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Gyroplane Extreme 2

Артикул E2
The autogyro of the new generation Extreme 2, a closed cockpit, landing pilot + passenger type website buy website, with 2 controls, well suited for training. This autogyro is different from other autogyros with higher quality planning 5.

The autogyro is completed with the ROTAX 912 ULTI engine of 125 l / s, it has analog instruments and a radio station, velor interior, increased payload, screw with variable pitch.

The minimum speed of 30 km / h
Cruising speed (75%) 190-200 km / h
The maximum speed of 220 km / h
Vne 250 km / h
Climbing speed 7 m / s
Relative planning distance 5/1

50 meters takeoff run
The distance of the run when landing 0 - 5 m
Maximum working height of 4500 m (14760 feet)
Fuel consumption at cruising speed of 20 l / h (5.28 gal./h)
Flight duration 4 hours
Theoretical maximum range 600 km (500 miles)
Производитель: ЧП "АВТОЖИР"
Цена: 80000 EUR./шт. To order