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Engines Rotax 912

Артикул rotax 912
We sell the Rotax 912 engine for gyroplanes and other aircraft equipment of different power.

Piston engine ROTAX 912 (100 hp.) - gasoline, four-stroke, four-cylinder with carburetor mixture formation.

The location of the cylinders is opposite, the location of the camshaft of the gas distribution system is lower. Equipped with hydrojacks gaps in the valves.

The engine has an air cooling system for the cylinders and a liquid cooling system for the cylinder heads. Equipped with a duplicated electronic ignition system.

Fuel - motor gasoline with an octane rating of at least 95 by the research method (85 by motor).

Lubrication system - with dry sump. The fuel pump is a mechanical diaphragm pump, the water pump is integrated. The engine is equipped with an electric starter. The gear ratio of the gearbox i = 2,4286.

The integrated 12-pole generator provides the engine ignition system and the aircraft electrical system.

For attachment to the engine mount, the engine has eight threaded holes in the crankcase.

Engine resource before the first overhaul, as well as the overhaul life - 2000 hours or 15 years of operation.

Warranty life is 100 hours of service or 6 months from the date of the first launch, or 1 year from the date of purchase.

The engine comes in two versions:

ROTAX 912 ULS - non-certified;
ROTAX 912 S is FAR 33 certified.
The ROTAX 912 ULS and ROTAX 912 S engines do not have any design differences.

There are 4 engine configurations:
Производитель: Rotax
Цена: 19000 EUR./шт. To order